Matt Van Dyke

Matty V.

Matt Van Dyke


Aether Fit – Owner and Coach


Aether Fit

7653 S. 700 East

Midvale, Utah 84047-2350

TEL: 801-810-5576



Matt Van Dyke is an avid lifelong athlete with a driving desire to help others achieve physical fitness and prime health.  Matt is a native Texan, was born in El Paso, but later raised in New Mexico. Matt has been in Salt Lake City since 2006.


Matt has an obsession with physical fitness and is constantly seeking to improve his knowledge and understanding of physical development and improvement. Matt combines his CrossFit Level 1 Certification and National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Professional Trainer with his background in athletics gained from his years within multiple sports, to provide clients with a thorough understanding of improvements in physical output through nutritional input.


Matt’s mission since coming to Salt Lake City has been to help clients attain peak physical fitness and healthier states of being through the CrossFit methodology, as well as Paleo and Zone Diet programs. Matt has developed unique techniques and programs geared towards physical therapy using the CrossFit system.


  • CF-L1 Trainer
  • NASM-PT-National Academy of Sports Medicine


As an athlete, Matt likes to lift VERY heavy objects and try feats of athleticism often called “pure insanity”. Matt, presumably since he was a wee lad, is the class heckler, Twinkie supplier, doesn’t know the meaning of “quit”, and is responsible for all general mischief at Aether.

All kidding aside, Matt is a very smart guy with a great personality, as well as an ability to relate and deal with people very well. Matt’s focus is strength work, and he is responsible for getting folks into personalized strength programs that will have you achieving goals never thought possible. Don’t let that fool you though, Matt can take part in MetCon and completely annihilate whatever is at hand.


“I believe that often the small things that might not seem that important are the cornerstones of discipline, dedication, and passion for something bigger than ourselves. As an active member of my local church and a true believer in being a servant for others, I try and build relationships the reflect just that. For me, life is about selfless service—because there is no higher calling. I believe that family comes first and everything else falls in to place.  I believe that more than a destination, greatness is a journey that never ends.”